Dionaea muscipula toothed petiole

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Very nice example of a Typical VFT displaying wide petioles with serrated edges. It is due to low light intensity. Your VFT seems to want stronger light.

If you give your VFT better light conditions the new leaves will loose this trait.

All the different VFT I grow can display this "wide petiole, serrated edge" trait, too.


Ventura California

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I belief its a sawblade vft like the sawtoth but ont he leave not the trap.

As Brad said, wide petioles with serrated edges is a common and temporary anomaly that disappears with more light.

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You are all correct about low light causing this effect, but I have a clone from my seedlings that always has some teeth on the petioles, even in full sun in mid summer. I have been watching this plant for two and a half years to see if it would revert and also to see if it would pass the trait on when propagated.

Mid summer 2006


Several weeks ago


Trev :)

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Yeah, it seems to be only the rosetted forms with wider petioles that show this trait, and only usually when they are confused by warm temps and low light. The picture above taken several weeks ago, is of the plant in my terrarium, which has accentuated it a bit, here is a less flattering picture of it from last spring in the greenhouse where it hadn't moved from since the previous repot.


Trev :)

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I feel a new cultivar emerging. lol

Sorry Aidan, I said it. :happy:

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