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Hello and happy new year to all!!!

After long time i decided to post some new pics of my plants and terras.

enjoy :cool:

front view



exappendiculata Amuri


spec. Amuri




pulchella Chimanta




neblinae red clone






neblinae "waxxy"


Edited by Marc Roller
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Hi Marc,

Very nice plants and photos!

I love the H. neblinae "waxxy", I never heard of "waxxy" before.

The H. tatei is big, how long is the stem now?

I love your big collection of Heliamphora, the front view of your terrarium is impressive!

Thanks for sharing :cool:

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Indeed, a superb collection of heliamphora's and nepenthes!!! :lol:

Are those spots on your exappendiculata Amuri characteristique for that species?

My favorite is still pulchella, I have to get one this year! :tu:

I love those tiny, little hairs on the inside.

Keep growing and posting photo's, :cool:


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Hi Marc,

fantastic plants, very well grown with really nice colouration. :lol:

The N. jacquelinae is very beautyful.

But your stem is also very interesting. :cool:

Is your spec. Amuri a H. pulchella ´Amuri´ from Wistuba or something totally different and not described yet?

Best regards,


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Hi Marc,

2 beautiful terrariums!!!

I'm not the big Utric-fan ,but I really like your U.quelchii.

( fabulous on the stem!! )

Thanks for sharing them...


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and thanks for the comments :teehee:

To your Questions:

@ daniel O. :

The He. spec Amuri is a newly undescribed species.

Andreas wistuba had it for only one or two days in his shop. But he told me he wouldn't put it in his shop at this time so he took it out again.

But i already ordered one at this time..;-)

It is a very small species it gets adult with only 3 cm high juvenil pitchers.. and my highest pitcher is just about 5 cm high.-very unique!!

@ Vincent L. :

Yes the spots semmed to be characteristique for this species.

but you can find them sometimes on other heliamphora, too.

@ laurent :

My tatei has about 26 cm high pitchers. and the stem is about 8 cm+ high and about 1,5 cm strong.

the stem is at the top splited so it has 2 growing points at the moment....

the stem takes so longt time to become higher... but i have time i am just 18 years old ;-)

nice rest week-end.



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