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A Few Cephalotus Variations

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Here are some pics of my cephalotus seedlings, now 3 years old.

Firstly, a photo taken in July of the best four


how they look now:-

(clone 2) big curvy lids


(clone 16) this one does not get much colour in the sun


(clone 11) whitest lids


(clone 4) good colour, but small pitchers


(clone 5) another well coloured plant with normal sized pitchers



(clone 8) pink windows


(clone 12) fastest grower and the largest pitcher so far - about 40 cm, which is the same size as the largest ones on my typical and German giant clone.


(clone 9) Pink



not so exciting, maybe compost



A German giant


Lastly, my original plant.



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oops.. :devious:

I meant 4 cm for the largest pitcher

Which the conditions for germination of this species

Nothing special, just sown on the surface of a peat mix, then kept in a greenhouse.

Same conditions as a larger cephalotus.

Sorry, I don't have any for sale.

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Wrong continent.

Why? If Tim was willing... I would have been ready to make LEGAL arrangements to get some cephs. :devious::blink:

thanks for the reply TIM! I Love your cephs! :yes::blink: Great cephs once again. ;) Thanks for sharing pictures. :)

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Thanks for the replies.

If I had any plants to sell it would only be within Europe.

I'm going to let these plants grow to good size before I can decide which are the best, then start to take cuttings. So it will be a few years before I have any of these for sale.

Some that look good now may turn out to be rejects, so I'm not keeping any wishlists.

I'll post when I have spares.


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Great looking plants Tim,i love the variation from seed.A lot bigger than i thought they would be as well.I've got my own seed to sow from Dudley Watts giant clone and smaller red clone,my first time trying seed so its good to know no special conditions are required.


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