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Unknown Arum


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Hi all,

I have got the photo of this plant by a friend of mine who has taken it in a botanical garden. Unfortunately there was no botanical name on it.

Anyone knows if it is a botanical species or an hybrid? is a botanical species its Latin name and the distribution of the plant?

Thanks a lot




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Hmm, that's an interesting one...

Initially I thought it looked a bit like Pseudohydrosme, but when I look up Pseudohydrosme in my books it's not right. Could be an Amorphophallus (they are quite variable in form)... why not email the botanic garden with the picture and ask them what it is (they also may need to know when your friend saw it)?

Just let us know as well!


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Thank you Ben, my friend is looking for email address of that botanical garden. If we have an answer we'll let you know.



Hi Maurizio,

Do you have any more news regarding the interesting "arum"? I grow a few varieties of arums, but have never seen one quite like the specimen in your picture.


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