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Genlisea violacea forms


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Thanks Vic. I have seen them seperately on some peoples' growlists, and I believe they might be listed as distinct entries in Alan Lowrie's seedlist.

They look the same to me, but I don't want to mix them up in my collection if they prove to be different. Anyone else?

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Vic, Rob,

I am also cultivating this beautiful plant. Grew it from seed obtained in 1998 to maturity and had a discussion with Fernando on the international list a while ago. The results were that all plants labelled G. Giant violacea, G. violacea Giant and so on originally had been collcted by Fernando. That was some years ago, may be other collections occured meanwhile. I labelled my plants as the seed was labelled:

Genlisea "Giant" violacea Itacambira, Minas Gerais; Br

and added my sowing date: XII98

Hope this helps


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Thanks for that information Stefan,

It certainly is a beautiful plant and surprisingly easy to grow. I've been experimenting with my conditions a little and they seem quite happy growing with a winter min. temp. of 10C and even continue to flower for me at this temperature.



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Welcome back, Fernando.

My G.violacea flowers regularly but, although I have had it for years, my G.sp."giant violacea" finally flowered for the first time this year. The scapes are a lot taller and the flowers bigger.

Other Genlisea news... my G.uncinata, which I consider my most stubborn plant ever (which has remained alive at least) has just sat there for several years, usually having a single leaf and a sending up a scape which inevitably dies at around a 6" height. Well, pretty big Genlisea leaf just emerged a few inches away so I think this stubborn plant finally reproduced itself. I'm not certain, but I think I've had it for around 4 years or so...

Maybe it's time to take a leaf cutting!


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