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A Few Random Pics

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D. gramogolensis


H. folliculata, just opened pitcher:


H. sarracenioides with H. folliculata pitchers on background


P. crassifolia


first H. pulchella adult pitcher


P. gypsicola


P. debbertiana


Drosera prolifera


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Hi Valentina,

great pictures from well grown plants. :banging:

Mostly i like the very red H. sarracenioides, really stunning colour, it´s almost violett. I have to wait some time to see my first adult pitcher from this very beautiful species.

The H. pulchella adult pitcher is also very nice. :laugh:

It seems that you have a very good light level there, perfekt colouration.

Do you know the location from your D. graomogolensis?

Best regards,


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Very nice colouration on the Heliamphora, something you seldom see.

Drosera graomogolensis is a beutiful south american sundew.

I think Dani wants to know from which location in South America this form is from. I am interested to know myself.

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Hi, thanks for the nice comments. I don't know the location of D. gramogolensis, got it from a swap. Light level is important but the deep red colouration is caused by the cold night temperature i have in this season. Summer pitchers are light orange or green.

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