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Fans For The Tank

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My plants look dreadful. My tank for lowlanders stays over 70F with over 65-70% humidity. When I left a space in the top, humidity would drop. I FINALLY got a fan in there, but I wonder if it is too powerful. It is a 40 gallon tank...how large of a fan would you folks recommend? Should it be on all of the time or is that too much? I watch the rafflesiana fluttering in the wind and think that this can't be good for it.

Please describe your methods of air circulation. I'm sick of LFS getting algae (or whatever the green crud is) and the plants looking so bad. How much of a gap is ideal in the lid for circulation?

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Three of the small fans from computers should suffice, running them at approx 7V from a variable transformer. Space them equally along the tank and angled appropriately for maximum variety.

If the tank is very crammed with plants in every spare bit of airspace that will hinder air movement though.

What sort of fan are you using at the moment?


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