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Today, whilst clearing out the darker recesses of the vegatable cupboard, I found two rather old looking lumps of ginger tuber with large (2"+) growth points protruding from them. Mrs Loakesy was going to throw them away, but I rescued them and I've cut the growth point off of each with a lump of ginger attached and potted them up in some general purpuse compost, and they're now sitting on the kitchen windowsill.

Can anyone tell the best way to keep them, in order keep then growing healthily?

Should they go back into a darkened cupboard?

Is it too early anyway, and therefore not worth the effort?

Thank you!!

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A rich but fairly sandy soil. Lots of light and warmth. The more light and warmth, the better the flavour.

Don't expect much in the way of root ginger from it - it tends to go stringy and not nice and bulbous like farmed ginger. Though if you get it growing well, you can get a load of nice stem ginger to preserve in syrup :-)

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Thanks Rob! Unfortunately I didn't mix any sand into the compost, tho' I guess it's not too late yet. And it'll certainly be warm in the kitchen.

I've tried to grow it many times before, but fouund it to be very slow on the uptake! I guess this time the plant has a bit more of a head start (with the long shoot) than on previous occasions when I've attempted it. :banging:

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Used to grow ginger all the time;sandy volcanic soil is heaven so sand and good compost is good.

There are many forms of ginger with different flowers so if you like growing them you can get different flower colors and leaf colors.

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