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Amorphophallus Konjac

An D Smith

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Hello Aroid fans!

I thought I would share a photo of my four-year-old A. konjac. A total of 62 inches tall and 60 inches accross the leaves. I have a feeling that it can't get much larger than this and I wouldn't be surprised to see it flower for the first time next year.......I can't wait. The plant is grown outside all summer long and only gets stored as a dry tuber once it has died down, which will be in about three weeks time. The plants seem to die down earlier if kept in a greenhouse. I think I will have to find a bigger pot for it next year.


By the way, that is my cat Floyd trying to give the photo some scale. If anybody is interested I will have several spare bulbs from this plant in a few weeks time. These will be free of charge for those who pay postage.



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Andy - That is a sizeable specimen!!!

If there is tuber still going spare, please let me know.


I have an A. titanum just putting out a new leaf and it looks as though it will be substantially larger than the previous one. :biggrin:

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Hmm, my second-year konjak died back about a month ago. I must have a poke about in their pots and see how big the tubers are now.

Incidentally, I took twelve small offsets off them this spring. Three I gave to work colleagues, nine I potted up myself. All mine were going well until I went out to water them one evening and found one plant, eight empty three-inch pots and one very fat slug. So whatever your favourite anti-slug precaution is, make sure it's in place.



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