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Aidan, do you condone...


My honest opinion? :biggrin:

The plant looks rather green and the growth is perhaps a little etiolated.

I'd like to see it split-up and grown-on in stronger light.

Potentially an interesting find, but I think the jury is still out. Being a garden centre plant, there may be some lingering effects of tissue culture.

Let's see some more photos this time next year. :wink:

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Interesting plant. Stefan Ploszak posted a January 2003 photo and description near the bottom of his page, in which he said

Finally, 2002 yielded another noteworthy mutation. The "fused petiole" originates in the USA. Similar to "typical" in most charactistics, "fused petiole" has it's traps continuous with the petiole beyond just the mid-rib. The proximal margins of each lobe of the trap are fused to the "wings" of the petiole. Consequently, the trap and petiole are not separate. This most recently isolated mutant flytrap has not yet been officially named.

Does your plant look like his description?

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