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Searching For Nepenthes In Borneo - Part 3.2 Mesilau Nature Centre - N. Burbidgeae, N. Fusca

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Hi guys

Here's part 3.2: The Mesilau Nature Centre where N. burbidgeae, N. fusca and the hybrid between those two grow. Apparently the two species have been planted at this site.

The N. burbidgeae were found growing at the base of the walk, just after the bridge along with the hybrid, while N. fusca was found growing higher up the hill, amongst the N. rajahs.


An interesting red pitcher form of N. burbidgeae


The new leaves on this plant were also a nice crimson red. Has anyone else seen or grown plants of this colouration?

Or could it be just be due to the plant being stressed as it was growing out in the open in full sun.


A nice large pitcher of N. burbidgeae. This one measured around 16cm in size.


N. burbidgeae


A N. burbidgeae pitcher off a and larger mature plant. These pitchers tend to become a lot squatter and fatter.


N. burbidgeae pitcher off a younger plant.


The whole N. burbidgeae plant.


N. burbidgeae


N. burbidgeae


N. burbidgeae


The guys taking pics of N. burbidgeae.


N. burbidgeae habitat


The lower pitcher of N. fusca.


The whole plant of N. fusca.


N. x (N. burbidgeae x N. fusca)


N. x (N. burbidgeae x N. fusca), unfortunately there was no new pitchers on this plant.


A small seedling of N. x (N. burbidgeae x N. fusca)


A Paphiopedilum Orchid we found in flower growing near where the N. rajah are.


Another nice Orchid growing in the habitat.

More to come soon.

Part 4 - Kundasang-War-Memorial & Poring-Tambunan



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Fantastic. Are you still currently in Kinabalu? :)

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Very nice,its amazing how hard the growing conditions are.

Bye for now Julian

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No I'm back in Melbourne, Australia now. I took 2,500 photos and it's just taken a fair while to sort through and find the good pics.



Fantastic. Are you still currently in Kinabalu? :)

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aaah.... nothing too much. I was going to ask if you could take some collective pics and data from the growing conditions. Especially temps, humidity, soil conditions near the plants. I know that there is data on this already...but the only pics by Rob on the humidity and temp readings are lost in the archives. :tu:

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