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Carnivorous Plants In Argentina Part 2

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As I promised, the second part of the fieldtrip in Argentina.

I leaved Iguaçu falls to go to Ituzaingo, a small town in the north of Argentine close the Paraguayan border, in the province of Corrientes.

These location is a small part of the really big Ibera marshes. It is really wet and sometimes flooded area where some people found Utricularia gibba, U.foliosa, U.platensis and U.poconensis, according to some datas in the web. I hoped find these species and particularly the last two to try taking pictures.

From the bus’s window I looked at the green wet landscape searching for some small yellow or white flowers, as I was really eager to find again carnivorous plants but as you can imagine it was not easy to see anything!

When I arrived in Ituzaingo I decided to begin investigations and I walked out of the small town on the road looking everywhere all around…

Just after the exit of Ituzaingo, the second and last place where I found carnivorous plants was incredible, there was in these field (yes because it was in fact a field for horses) so many tiny yellow flowers!!!


To walk in the marshes, it was necessary to have good wellingtones:but if not just ask to the hotel reception for having plastic bag!!!


There was 2 species of Utricularia growing together here, U.foliosa and U.gibba.


U.foliosa always grows in water but U.gibba can be found on wet substrat almost as a terrestrial species.

The flower of U.foliosa are quite big as the plant, it is a really nice plant.

U.foliosa flower:


U.foliosa plant:


U.gibba has smaller but also nice flower.


I was really happy to find these place but no U.platensis and U.poconensis...

I decided to go to Carlo Pelligrini, a small town, close to a big lake in Ibera marshes where some Utricularia grow.

I onnly found some U.gibba (really no many) but I saw many interesting other things.

A view of the lake:


Some island with funny birds:


There are many crocodiles like these:


A Capibara:


A beautyful snake:


Hope you enjoyed it!



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Very nice field report, Damien. I really enjoyed it :wink: !

Wow, i almost thought the snake was a young Eunectes!


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Hello Damien!

Nice pics, I'm glad to see you found some Utrics. But too bad no U.platensis nor U.poconensis... :-(

I think the snake looks like a baby anaconda!

Best wishes,

Fernando Rivadavia

Edited by Fernando Rivadavia

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Nice field trip. It's great to see some pics of U. folliosa and U. gibba in flower and the habitat they're growing in.



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