My Greenhouse At Last

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It already looks full. I think you need another! :sad:

I know! It's that regularly referred to crowbar I'll be needing before too long. A lot of my plants have put on thick foliage from being outside for 1-2yrs so, hopefully, they'll thin down with a bit of snipping and some quality growth next season (plus I need to do quite a bit of dividing and finding of homes for spares). And then there are all the seedlings...:roll:

I'd have another one on the lawn but there are wife and aesthetic issues. I wasn't going to fork out for a wooden one but my wife insisted on appearances :D - it does smell nice, though.

The greenhouse comes with a 10yr guarantee but I've heard they will last more than 20yrs. The info suggests you can treat it but don't have to, but it does not recommend a specific treatment. As Aidan mentions, they rave on about how resistant to weathering and pests Western Red Cedar is. I shall get in touch with Alton when the time comes, I guess.

The intended 2" hardcore and 4" concrete base turned into 3" hardcore and 6-8" concrete base (big blisters) due to some over zealous digging in an attempt to provide a flat surface. So, if I want to put a tower block there, I should have no worries once I get the planning permission. :roll:

The wooden structure rests on concrete kurbs and there are slight gaps (10mm or so in places) between the kurbs. I am not sure whether to fill in the gaps (to keep out slugs/snails) or to leave them open to help with air movement. What do you think?

I have four auto roof vents and will have two side louvre auto vents at staging level (only one fitted so far due to slight accident involving broken glass, swearing, blood, poor design and poor instructions - honest, they were - my tools were great, though, so I can't blame those). Also, there are lots of manual sliding windows at ground level. I might just put a couple of slug pellets in the gaps and see how things go this Winter.

I'm sure the plants are looking better already - I just have to keep a keen lookout for pests and mould.

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Fantastic looking greenhouse .

My father has a cedarwood framed greenhouse that was put up in 1971, extension added in '77.

Still going strong .

Staging and louvre vents were built in and placed on a base very like you have now.

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I have an Alton greenhouse, not as good as yours though. Mine is 6 foot wide and 8 feet long.

I have had it for 8 years and in order to protect it from the elements I apply linseed oil to the

exterior wood every other year.This brings the colour of the wood up nicely and provides a safe &,

effective barrier to weathering.


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Only if my wallet becomes miraculously fatter. :woot:

If anybody out there is thinking of purchasing an Alton (Compton Buildings Ltd) greenhouse or summerhouse, I have some vouchers I can split 50:50. Each voucher is for £50 of Marks & Spencer goods; £25 for you, £25 for me. I have to give them your address, then you order and then I get the £50 vouchers which I then split with you.

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That is one very nice greenhouse you have there!!

I'm really fund of woodwork in greenhouses..and prefer them over aluminium one's.

Very nice indeed!!

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It's going to give you real growing pleasure i'm sure!!

Since you mentioned that the plants where growing outside uptil now..i'm looking forward to your reports in the next season :cd:

It's gonna be good for sure :cd:

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Hey jimfoxy,im a little late to add a comment to this post i know but that is a very beautiful greenhouse you have there.I myself am currently in the middle of base construction for my own bigger greenhouse.The old one just wasnt cutting it.The base construction is easy for me as im a landscape gardener,but erection of the greenhouse itself is looking as if its gonna put my diy skills to the test.(Me and a flat pack just dont get on!).Did you do all the work yourself?-If so was it difficult?Also how long did it take to complete?

All the best


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Hi Gary,

It was all pretty simple but took the best part of the day to get it to a state that was supporting itself. It would have been easier if it had not been windy but I still would have needed a second pair of hands. I called in a third pair of hands when we put the roof sections on. It took me two more days to put all the supports and trimmings on, as well as the staging.

Alton supply the greenhouse in pre-glazed sections so that was something I didn't have to worry about. Getting the base kerbs positioned exactly right took a while but was well worth doing properly. The instructions were ok (except for the louvre vents) and most of the screws I needed were there; some even matched the instruction descriptions!

My best tip is to read the instructions through a couple of times and as you are doing each step, re-read the instructions until it is perfectly clear. A mistake part way through can be difficult to fix later. Having a large area to lay everything out also helped.

Good luck - I look forward to seeing photos!

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As promised heres a couple of pics of my new larger greenhouse.It took me six days to build followed by a day of rest...sounds almost biblical : ) The thing i realy like about it is that its much wider than my old greenhouse so i can get three lines of staging in there! lovely.



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