Heliamphora Nutans 'ca'


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It might be a name of clone. I have one H. nutans labeled as 'CF'.

Ok i heard from the original owner that it might stand for Carniflora.

Another question the one on the right is Nutans 'CA'. The one on the left is clearly different, anyone know what it is?

(sorry all i know about helis can be written on a postage stamp)


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This is pure conjecture, but the 'CA' may represent location data. Heliamphora are found on tepuis, sometimes called "cerro."

There is a "Cerro Aracamuni" that Heliamphora are found on, but I don't believe H.nutans has been discovered on that particular one.

If you're not 100% sure what it means, I suggest you just leave it as is and don't make any assumptions/changes......that's how "bad" taxonomic descriptors become pervasive in horticulture!


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