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Red Rosette Center On New Plant


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I recieved my giveaway VFTs from Steve at the flytrapranch last Monday. They were huge, clumping, and healthy, thanks Steve! Unfortunately I had to leave on vacation and I left all my CPs in the care of my neighbor. I came back today and they're all alright, some traps have opened, but I noticed on one of the rosettes the center is red. Is this normal? I doubt very much it's Steve's fault, but a result of my careless potting... I'm kinda new to VFTs.

Thanks in advance,


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Your plants are most probably going to be fine but will take a few weeks to recover from being dug-up, shipped and then potted again. They may well lose some leaves and it is quite normal for plants to look rough for a while before they settle-in to a new environment and start growing.

If you are still worried, post a photo if possible. We will then have a better idea of what's happening.

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That is a bit of sunburn, or if under strong artificial light, also a burn. Usually not much to worry about.

It occurs during repotting in several ways. One way is if you potted the rhizome a bit higher than it had been previously, therefore the exposing the petiole bases which had been under soil, now exposing them to strong light. Another common way is that when a VFT grows normally the center of the rosette is very tight, but when repotted the center is a bit more lax and again exposing petiole bases to strong light which had previously been closely opposed and not exposed to light. A third possibility and probably in this situation not possible, you are just growing the VFT in stronger light than the previous grower, but I doubt this.

So you have a bit of transplant sunburn (light burn), seems like the burn has been done, so just keep on growing them as you would all your other VFT.

Good luck.


Ventura California

Transplant sunburn is one problem. Transplant shock which is due to root disturbance is another. The two combined can really set a transplanted VFT back.

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