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carnivorous plant tour of california...in 4 days

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Hi Friends!

CorrosiveHalo and I had a couple of days off last week, and decided to power up the coast to do as many CP-related activities as possible. Pictures below... LOTS of pictures...

We left late on Wednesday night and got all the way to Albion bog by Thursday. Finding the bog took some time, but with Brian's super-human navigation skills, we did it! We were pretty shocked to find so many kinds of CPs. Welcome to the photo tour!


PYGMEA!! I almost didn't see these little guys!


Footsteps from previous visitors...


Brian snapping pictures



Darlingtonia were strong growers, and about a foot tall!



Sea of red drosera


Even VFTs!!


My shoes as we left Albion. I spared you the photo of my muddy and mosquito-bitten legs. :disgusted:

On Friday, we stopped for a bit at Fort Bragg's glass beach, and then hit the road again, to drive north for a BobZ visit. It was such a treat to get to chat with him and take in the view at his home.


In the greenhouse


Bog full of 1955's


'True Blue'

On Saturday, we visited California Carnivores and the always-charming Peter D'amato.



The weather was perfect, and the plants were beautiful!


Sunday was our busiest day BY FAR. First stop was "Chomp!" at the San Francisco Conservatory (plants provided by Peter D.), then we went to the BACPS bbq and met some new friends... and finally, we went to Phil Faulsi's house to look at his mind-blowing collection. I woke up on Sunday feeling very ill, so the photographs pretty much stopped by the time we got to the bbq. I had to concentrate on not fainting/or getting sick on anyone...oooof, it was a hot day :D Anyway- hope you enjoyed the photos! It was quite a trip!


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Guest Aidan

Megan - Nice one! I guess you went home with a few 1955's :D

For Matthias and Federico - Albion is a well known (notorious) location where all sorts of non-native carnivores were introduced some years ago.

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Hello Megan!

Congrats on the great pics, what a fantastic CP tour you went on! "CHOMP!" looks amazing and so does Peter's place.

Which species is that HUGE Nepenthes??

There's sure lots to see in California, which makes me really look forward to my move to SF in about 1 month.

Maybe I won't miss CP-hunting in Brazil as much as I thought...

Best Wishes,

Fernando Rivadavia

P.S. I think that pygmy sundew is maybe not D.pygmaea. Looks more like the hybrid D.nitidula X D.ericksoniae (now D.omissa).

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Brian and Megan, wow! what a fun road trip!

Looks like you had a great time (except when you were sick!)

You'll have to tell us all of your adventure at the next LACPS meeting. Maybe you have a future talk in the works.......?


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Guest Ivan Snyder

Hi Megan and Brian,

Thanks for sharing. I have been to the Albion Bog a few times but never saw any VFTs. I've heard that these are what nonCPers always dig up and that's why there are not many. Neat to know that they can grow there. I look forward to hearing more at the next LACPS meeting.

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Guest VFT guy in SJ

Hi Megan and Brian,

Great pics from the bog! I may have to get off my lazy butt and go check that out myself one of these days.

It was a great day meeting and talking with you two. Fear not about not getting any pics from Phil's place. After you guys left I stayed behind for a while and got some decent shots of the lowland chamber and a few others of things he wanted me to get from the greenhouse. As soon as I decide to quit being lazy I will resize and post them lol.



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Someone from San Jose being lazy??

Get outta here!

haha.. jes kiddin, have friends in SJ and use to hang out there a lot when I lived in SF....

I just gotta say, you dudes know how to Chill!

Lookin forward to seeing those pics of Phil's amazing plants!!

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Thanks for the comments everyone! It was a great trip- so much activity packed into 4 short days.

Aidan, I did indeed come home with a few 1955's :) Bob was very sweet.

Fernando, I'm so sorry that I don't know what kind of Nep that was.... at that point in the trip, I was dizzy and nauseated and wasn't really paying much attention. Just wanted to get pictures, so that I could enjoy the sights when I felt better. :) Peter D. said that he supplied most of the plants at Chomp. I'll drop him a line to see if he can recall.

Pingman, it sure was fun! A future talk though... um ... maaaaaaaaaybe. I'm shy!

hey Ivan, yep, Brian and I were pretty impressed by what we came across :)

Thanks Jimscott! hahah ;)

Hi Steve! It was great to meet you, is it ALWAYS that hot in Morgan Hill? Dear god, I thought I might keel over and perish... I look forward to seeing your pictures... if you become unlazy!

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