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2 years in the life of N.flava

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On arrival June 2005. Unfortunately the clone was not identified and Andreas has since been unable to tell me which it was


Pitcher December 2005


April 2006


September 2006 - Gorgeous colour and superb peristome


Whole plant (front,right) September 2006. It's now strongly vining - about 1 1/2ft long


Mature lower pitcher October 2006


Intermediate pitcher July 2007 - losing the intense colour, but I love this :)


Next - proper upper? July 2007. I am looking forward to seeing this, but I have seen some examples in cultivation which do not match the attractiveness of the wild photographs. Time will tell


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Amazing growth in such a short time!! Whats your secret?? 8)

My plant still looks like the 3rd picture and yet is also about 2 years old! :wink:

Be interesting to see the upper, because as you say uppers grown in cultivation have lacked the full beauty of the wild plant.



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you have the best-looking cultivated N. flava i have ever seen! congrats! =D>

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Very inspiring indeed :( .

I bet you will show us a mature N. lingulata in two years!

Thanks for sharing.


And don't forget the mature hairy hamata in a years time :D

You don't live in a rain forest by any chance? :(



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Thanks for the comments. :wink:

No particular secrets - I just try to get as close to the 'highland ideal' as the variable British (not jungle unfortunately) weather and my purse will allow.

Indeed, I hope to be able to post a few more '2 years in the life of' collections and other updates in the future.

I love sharing all this stuff, a feeling only spoiled by the paranoia that some b*stard will latch on to the posts I have made and come up with the idea of going robbing - as has happened to me in the past with orchids. Regrettably we clearly have a few light fingered people among us already, as recent open days have proved. This is a particular shame, as one of the reasons I love CPs is the great community spirit.

I have some comfort that anyone in my neck of the woods will be very visible and I do take technological precautions, which I will not elaborate on for obvious reasons.

Best to all,


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