The Type Form of Nepenthes deaniana

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Dear Members of the CPUK forum,

Alastair Robinson, Volker Heinrich and I are very pleased to report that we refound the type form of N. deaniana which Macfarlane discovered nearly one century ago. It seems that the ‘real’ N. deaniana is completely different from the plants in cultivation in the respect that it produces large, robust "obconic" pitchers reminiscent of the N. rajah / N. mira group and completely different from the plants grown as ‘N. deaniana’ at this time.

The N. deaniana in cultivation appear to actually be N. philippinensis or possibly N. alata.

We will prepare a detailed report of the story of refinding N. deaniana for publication soon. In the meantime I hope you will enjoy the following photos

We will give seed of the true N. deaniana to selected responsible nurseries and various CP societies and are offering three packets of seed for auction on this forum. All proceeds from the sales of the seeds will be donated to Meadowview Biological Station in support of the Joseph Pines Preserve. See posts in the sales section of this forum.

Best regards to you all

Stewart McPherson








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The largest pitchers of N. deaniana that we observed were almost 30 centimetres in height and up to 18 centimetres broad, though the majority were about 2/3 this size; it is a robust species, clearly, and those familiar with Macfarlane's description will wonder whether the species illustrated could ever be one and the same as that in the description.

I've been looking into this and have a good idea as to what happened there; we'll expand on that at another juncture.


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