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Red form seedling or not?


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I was prompted to post this after seeing the post from Brad about his VFT seed distribution again this year.

I received some seed just under a year ago from Brad (many thanks) as I wished to grow some VFT's with different gentics to the ones I already had. I'm not interested in gross mutations but do like red forms. I currently only have some Akai Ryu from a plant I received from Mike King (doing very well and split into numerous new plants despite being kept outside in the UK) and also a couple of typical clones from B&Q from years ago.

Anyway, to get to the point...

Here is a photo of a seedling grown from Brad's VFT seed. It seems to have a distinct red tinge to the leaves (not just the traps).

If this were a red form would it be more obviously red at this stage (about 10-11 months since germination)? This seedling is about 2cm across at its widest point (about 3/4 of an inch).

Or do 'typical' VFT seedlings often have a red tinge at this stage? Seedlings from my own typical VFTs seem a lot more green although they are smaller than these.


Mick :twisted:

P.S. Sorry for the not very good photo, my camera isn't that good and I should have used a tripod (if I had one).

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I cannot tell from the photo if there is a red influence. As you know Red VFT, will show typical color in poor light. Not the problem in this situation, but VFT coloration on a single plant is variable due to multiple known and unknown factors. Regarding your VFT, over time as it grows larger, if it has red influence it will become apparent.

My VFT are grown outside together. I did not cross pollinate any of my Reds with Typical last year, or this year either. But I do see 3 different species of insect pollinators in my yard that definitely visit my VFT flowers on a daily basis. And I grow a lot of Red VFT and I grow way too many Typical VFT.

Regarding the Red coloration, first I have noticed several of the Triffid Park (Australia) Named but Typical VFT have a Red Stigma, interesting. Also 1979 VFT seems to often take on a very dark almost reddish color at times. I like to cross pollinate my Typical UK VFT (Great Plants) with my Best Typical VFT to get really good progeny. I try to avoid using Triffid Park pollen, as the Triffid Park VFT in my experience are not that great of plants. But Triffid Park seed is in the mix, and they are the Typicals with the Red Stigmas.

Enjoy this very unique VFT. Keep us updated.


Ventura California

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