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A Flower on my Paradoxa ?


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Hello Folks, could this be a flower forming on my D.Paradoxa ? Im quite chuffed when i can get the conditions right so my Drosera are this happy ! :dancing:

that's how mine looked too, a fuzzy thing, that eventually unravels and produces light-pink flowers. :)

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Don't want to burst your enthusiastic bubble, but petiolaris group flowers are nothing to exciting. They only open for a few hours each day, and are pretty plain.

Oh well, still exciting i guess...


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Hello Aidan, would you say that after i appreciate this flower, in the future i should chop most of them off because otherwise il be overun with Paradoxa in all my pots ? :D I hear stories about Utrics invasion tactics.

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Guest Aidan

Petiolaris complex plants are generally self-sterile and so the plant won't set seed.

Unless I do want seed, I prefer the plant to put its effort into growth rather than flowering. The Carniflora clone can easily grow eight or ten flower spikes at any one time.

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Unless it was my imagination, a colony of D. paradoxas, started from seeds, seemed to have perpetuated themselves from the roots. I would give them away and their number didn't diminish.




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