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How to grow Genlisea hispidula from seed


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Hi all

Recently won some Genlisea hispidula seeds on an auction on this forum, can anyone give me any advice on what to do with them?? Or point me in the direction of an old thread if this has been asked before.

Should I sow them now? Seems a bit late in the year now to be sowing seeds.

Or should I wait until next spring?? Will the seeds keep until then??

Any special germinating instructions? How long do they normally take?

Heather :D

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I sowed seed on the surface of wet peat in an undrained dish with a trasparent cover on it and kept it somewhere bright (out of direct sun). Fresh seed comes up easily and fairly quickly, but germination continued for several months after the first seed came up.

They flowered their second year for me.

I don't think there any special time of year for sowing.

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Heather thanks for posting the question on how to deal with the G.hispidula seed. I too was a lucky winner and was about to ask the same question. Also, many thanks Rob-Rah for putting us both on the right tracks as to its germination.


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Mine has self-seeded into other utric pots nearby in the greenhouse. I only just noticed this as the first genlisea flower spikes are now opening in a pot of U. dichotoma.

It doesn't need much heat. Winter min has been 2-3C for the last few years and it flowers like a trooper.

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