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A few plants from the greenhouse

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Hi All

Thanks for all the replies and kind words. To answer a few questions, I grow all the Nepenthes and Heliamphora in a roughly 50/50 mix of long-fibre sphagnum and perlite and then top-dress the pot with live sphagnum. I try and grow all the Heliamphora and Nepenthes in Pond-lily baskets as this helps in cooling the soil through evaporation. I don't fertilise as a rule but do feed them baby crickets.

I have found the villosa to be as easy as any other highland species to grow. The greenhouse regularly peaks at 90 + farenheit around midday and during the summer cool nights are but a dream, I can't get the night temp. to drop below 17 all summer. During the winter I use supplemental lighting to keep them growing.

I have had the veitchii x trusmadiensis for about 5 years now. Not a fast grower but slowly 'getting there'. I can't remember off-hand who I got the plant from but he lived in the north of England and had the female parent veitchii. The male parent x trusmadiensis belonged to Johannes Maribini

Once again, thanks very much.



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Perfect plant, a collection to be proud of. And that's the most adult argentii i have ever seen! The villosa is amazing. The veitchii x trusmadiensis, what to say?, is beautiful, hope that guy will spread out through collections soon!

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