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what do you think of the creation of a world of nepenthes?


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i would like know if some nepenthes lover would be interrested to create a website about nepenthes like a world of pinguicula of E.Patrat? I would help to do this site ( if someone is interrested) but i dont speak very well english and iam mot a nepenthes expert. We can also do a world a drosera, heliamphora...

Please tell me what do you think about this, but i think it will more fun to do this together



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I can offer helping my doing the webdesigning. I have made many websites...I am pretty good at photoshop and stuff.

I made www.flankertraining.com/ironhand


If someone can do all the research...get all the information...I can make the webdesign and stuff. :)

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now spare time is one thing I don't have. But I think I can manage it. :)

Well...infact I did also make:


in like 4 or 5 days. But, the owner then added all the info himself.

well..I was saving this design I made for myself...but never had an opportunity to use it. So here it is:


YES!! it is from other authors pics in there...but that was just for a designing purpose...to get an idea of what kind of style I was looking for. :)

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Guest Aidan

I was referring to generating the content and not the design. To produce a Nepenthes site roughly equivalent to Eric's would possibly take several years.

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