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N.spectabilis difficult?


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Hi Mathijs

Given the correct conditions, N. spectabilis is an easy species, although maybe not for the windowsill. I think it would do better in a greenhouse. It also a very variable species and two different plants can look completely different.



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My attempt to grow this species on a bright windowsill failed. The plant would not pitcher. I traded it off and it's now being grown in a greenhouse, where I believe it has begun pitchering and growing well.

well, growing well may be a bit of an extreme (so far) but it is about to open its first pitcher!

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In my opinion, "easy to grow" means that the plant does not require very specific conditions, grows fast, don't turn black if something changes during some days.

I grow 2 spectabilis: they always pitcher, even during the summer when the temperatures are a bit too warm for highlands. They start to grow very quick after a repoting, they don't loose all their pitchers if the hygrometry is lower for some days. In one word: easy! :roll:


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By my "reasonably happy" on a windowsill, I mean it grows new leaves, they look healthy, each leaf is larger than the last, each leaf produces a pitcher, larger than the last. Growth is not rocketspeed, but as fast as other similar neps. About a new leaf each month. Mine is still a young plant.

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