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Illegal Plant Trading

It has come to the attention of Admin and the Moderators that increasing numbers of illegal trades in live plants are being carried out between forum members. The purpose of CPUK forum is not to facilitate such trades.

Illegal trades are defined as those that do not meet legal requirements for plant import and/or export, either in the UK, USA or other territories. Trading with third parties for plants of suspect origin may also be included in this definition.

Forum policy is that those caught engaging in illegal plant trading will be immediately and permanently banished, and evidence will be passed to the appropriate enforcement agencies.

Please do not make the mistake of considering this an idle threat. We are always reluctant to banish members and consider it the final sanction. However, members have been permanently banned for illegal trading and this policy will be rigorously enforced.

Any Sales & Wants posts that encourage illegal trading will be immediately deleted and warnings issued. Such posts are often thinly disguised and Moderators have thus far posted simple reminders of the legal requirements for plant import/export. Our response will be more robust in future.

Where illegal trading is suspected, members will be requested to provide further information. Refusal to cooperate will be considered a tacit admission of guilt and reason for permanent banishment.

If members become aware of possible illegal trading either now or in the future, please pass your concerns to the Moderators. All such information received will be held in strictest confidence.

Why do we care? Primarily, concerns of plant health and protection of endangered species. Phytosanitary inspection is required for good reason. It is all too easy to unwittingly introduce unwanted pests and diseases to new territories. Equally, plants are CITES listed because they are endangered and therefore require protection. More than 95% of Sarracenia habitat has now been lost and other genera like the Nepentheswhere an entire species may only be known from a single location, are in even greater danger. That plant you just purchased on the quiet may have been ripped from the wild.

Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

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