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Sarracenias today!

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I took advantage of a bit of sun to take these this morning. Things are moving on in leaps and bounds.

This cuprea is always extremely vigorous but has coloured up particularly well this year.


S.flava 'Claret'


I love these buffy flowers S. flava x alata


'Marston Select'


And finally a shot of my outdoor barrel including S. purpurea, S. flava, D. binata, D. rotundifolia, Dionaea and P. grandiflora.


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I know! This is how it was labelled when i received it from a reputable grower (bareroot). I can only assume there is some introgression in the ancestry. The pitchers are green, lightly veined in the throat, and are heavily influenced by flava, with no evidence at all of any rubra genes.

The photo is a reasonable reflection of the flower colour in real life. Red is confined to the edges of the sepals and (as a blush) to the bases of the petals. The flower size/form has no real suggestion of rubra but I agree the colour is strange. I suspect there is some leucophylla in one of the parents.

To be honest, it is nondescript in leaf, but the flowers are among my favourites. It gets moves back in the tray once they finish!

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Great pictures, Jonathan! :D

I love the "buffy flowers" shot.

This has been said before but Sarracenia is really an addictive genus! (Boy, i think i'm hooked :D !)



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The 'Marston select' flowers are very attractive. I must get myself one of those. Lovely photos Jonathon.

The flowers outshine the pitchers IMHO.

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