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Dionea lighting


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Well I don't know where you would get one, but make sure it's the right type. Cool white (I think is about 4500K-6500K, I think 6500K would be the best) And I think you need around a total of 120watt 6" above the plants. Well that's for optimum I'm sure the plants would be fine with less.

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The cheapest fixtures, cheapest bulbs, cheapest operating costs, very low heat output, ideal light output for VFTs is:


48 inch (4 foot) two bulb florescent light fixtures (sometimes called shop light). Two of these fixtures would be ideal.

- Good is 40 watt fixtures for T12 bulbs.

- Better is a fixture for T8 bulbs, this is what I recommend. (Less energy useage than T12 and more light output than T12). T8 is great.

- Best is a T5 fixture, but this may be hard to find and the bulbs will probably be expensive.


Cool White bulbs are ideal for growing VFT, and the cheapest.

In my area T8 2 bulb 48 inch florescent light fixtures cost approximately $15, probably less if you shop around, definitely less than $20.

T8 48 inch florescent Cool White light bulbs are about $2, probably less if you shop around.

Note: A shorter fixture will be more expensive, shorter bulbs will be more expensive, shorter will not provide as much light.

Good luck,


Ventura California

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