how to make U.gibba Flower?


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A low water table so that the plants are growing as semi-aquatics, and also you need a very crowded mass of stolons to get it to flower. Whilst U. gibba grows very well at low light levels, they need some direct sunlight to flower well too.

The picture below is not from my plants, but one I took at Dick Jone's open day in June, it is growing as described above, and having seen how, I have planted a bowl of U. gibba in the same way, in the hope of getting my plants to flower.



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Hi Dongliang,

As Vic already wrote the Utrricularia gibba, in spite of aquatic, they bloom in moments of drought in your natural habitats...

Being like this the ideal conditions would be of a low column of water, a little more of solar light and temperature around about 30ºC.

Beyond, of course, of being necessary a big mass of the plant...

Here home I got that using a small aquarium covered as greenhouse, I put peat as substratum, a column of water of about 2cm, receiving direct solar light for almost 2 hours a day.

The use of complement of micro-nutrients (used for plants of aquariums) it will give an extra force for the plant.

Avoid fertilizers of terrestrial plants because the excess of N and P, will cause problems with algae.

The fertilization with CO2 is also of big idles in the cultivation.



In these pictures the substratum was taken by other plant (Glossostigam elatinoides) and Utricularias settled down a more little below the leaves of this other plant...

A big hug,

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Dongliang, My plant seems t flower very easily. It is kept in a goldfish bowl on an east facing windowsil. Just let the water evaporate. when it starts to get very low, about an inch or so from the peat at the bottom the plants seem to go crazy and start producing flowers. Don't get too excited though, the pictures of the flowers make them look quite large but they are onlya few mm across!

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well phil on my CP history file my Gibba was from you 2003 February so mine should flower if i make the conditions more suitable.

One thing though, yuo guys all say put peat in the water, it takes damn ages for it to sink and i get algae with peat, never any algae when there's no peat.

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No sooner do I post information about how its necessary to grow U. gibba as a semi-aquatic in very shallow water over peat to get it to flower, when the plants I've been growing in my Utric water trays start flowering, after three years of doing nothing! Typical of me to set up a special bowl to try and get them to flower last month! It must have something to do with the high temperatures and light levels recently.

My U. gibba



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