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Please take a look !!!

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Ron,more will be added soon.

Pingman,do you mean the tuber's size?I purchased 6 species, the tuber's size were around 0.5cm to 0.8cm diameter,the smaller one is Lowrie the and bigger one is Monantha.I am the first time to grow them and thinking how to reduce the high temp as the warm weather is approaching here in Hong Kong :?

scottleroc,sorry I don't their english name,we use the white one for growing orchid and the brown one for growing cactus mostly.not much experiences in growing them,hope they work! :wink:

Many thanks to all with nice comments! :D

Rex :wink:

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Guest Andreas Eils

Hi Rex,

I also really enjoyed the slide show. Very good idea. :wink: Fantastic tuberous sundews! And finally your Utricularia striatula is amazing! :wink:

Thanks and go on with showing us such great pictures and slide shows!


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