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Hi Khelljuhg. Nice photos indeed! But are you sure that the D. platystigma is correctly labeled? It's looks for me like a D. pulchella...

Some forms of D. platystigma are very similar to those of D. pulchella. Obviously, the flowers are the key to the ID of this one.

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Thanks for your comments! :tu:

Well, I must note that the D. platystigma is correctly labelled, and I suppose that D. pulchella looks a bit different. Here is a flower pic of the D. platystigma:


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Ok, the flower gives the key. I just wondered because my D. platystigma looks very different from yours :)

Bye, Matthias

You are probably growing the large flowered form which seems to be quite common in Germany, I think it was originally distributed by Phill Mann. I think Dieter has posted photos of it a while ago. To me, that plant is very different from a typical D. platystigma (like the one pictured above) and may be another species.

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