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Sarracenia - Early Season 2007

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Hey all,

A few pics of what my Sarras have been up to so far. Check out my growlist for more pictures of flowers and my other plants. I'll be updating it periodically as I get more pics that are representative of the plants.

The strongest pitcher so far, S. flava var. rugelii, robust shape but not super tall, looks like I could fit a golf ball in it:


Some nice peach petals with veins on the S. [flava x "willisii"] flower:


Underside of the S. 'Leah Wilkerson' flower:


S. oreophila 'Sand Mountain' flower looks like a space ship!


S. rubra spp. gulfensis has such velvety petals:


S. [leucophylla x flava], looking a little droopy:


S. rubra ssp. wherryi "Chatom Giant", one of the first flowers to come up and the stalk went for a weird trip, finally crouching over at a 90 degree angle with some twists:


And finally, the back of the S. flava var. ornata (Prince George Co., VA) just for Earl: :wink:


I have various other CP pics in my growlist. I also created a set on Flickr just for shots of flowers.

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Those Sarracenia flower photos are beautiful. I like the color and compact symmetry of the rubra gulfensis flower. I think my rubra flowers are red outward and yellow on the inside, which yours seem to be too.


Ventura California

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And finally, the back of the S. flava var. ornata (Prince George Co., VA) just for Earl: :lol:

Thank you, my man!

They do look mighty fine from behind :(

Looks like the world has turned and you Cali guys are well on your way. Looking forward to seeing more and more...........

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Mine are obviously being really slow this year - maybe they're homesick for their own GH! - but yours look great!

By the way, you'll find that there's no real nutritional value in a golf ball! :mrgreen:

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Thanks all for the replies! And yes, I'm also quite skeptical of the nutritional value of a golf ball. :D

I've actually had a few of these flowers drop their petals already. Although, as I type this, I realize I'm not quite sure how long the petals normally stay attached...

As for the LACPS meeting, all signs point to yes.

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Hey CH!

How's you're "titan" doing for you? can you post some pics? please :roll: ?

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