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Flower frenzy (more pictures added)

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Hi all,

this morning quite a few of my sundews displayed their intention to flower today. Unfortunately, I had to leave for work, but I went home for a extended lunch break. I just had very little time to shoot the pictures, so I did not have much attention on the quality. I hope you like them anyway.

A couple of tuberous species for the start:



I tried to cross this one with a D. menziesii ssp. basifolia. I hope it worked. Will be interesting to see the resulting plant...



About a year ago I obtained gemmae of this species from two UK growers. The resulting plants looked quite different, one form gets much redder than the other one. Now finally the second form opened some flowers. For comparison, I added the link to last year's flowers of the other form.


droserabarbigerabudlr5.th.jpg droserabarbigeraflowerng6.th.jpg droserabarbigeraflowersrx4.th.jpg droserabarbigeraeg9.th.jpg


I presented this one recently, but here it is again (with a D. citrina flower for scale...):


A comparison of D. barbigera and D. miniata.


Many thanks to those who made this possible by providing the gemmae.



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Thank you for your nice comments!

I hope that there will be lots of flowers during the easter weekend again. D. sewelliae is just about to start mass flowering - hopefully not tomorrow.

The thumbnail links are fixed now (thanks to Nicole).



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Thankfully we had a very nice day today and once again many plants decided to flower. This time D. sewelliae entered the show with 8 flowers in one pot as well. Interestingly, the D. miniata once more showed the two different folding patterns as shown in my first post.

Just one picture showing the unfolding flower buds. Martin posted some more pictures so I won't bore you with more pictures of this process here.





Now a side by side view of D. sewelliae flowers with D. miniata (the poorly focused flowers)...


...and a family picture with D. barbigera joining the show (once again poorly focused).




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Hi Dieter,

once again great pics! You did a better job then me by catching the metallic effect on the sewelliae petals, esp. in the third pic of this species - this comes very close to the real beauty of this flowers. And I see you like them in the unfolded stage too :)

Now that you had the chance to see some orange pygmies side by side, what is your favourite one?

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