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GA3 Lowrie query


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I have some seeds from Lowrie. With them is a small piece of paper labelled "GA3". I presume this is impregnated paper. Can anyone tell me how to use this paper to make up a specific concentration please?

I want to treat Drosophyllum, Roridula and Byblis.

With thanks.

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thats very easy to use. You just have to add 10 ml of water in a small ziplock-bag or something similar with the paper. You can use it immediately. The paper is impregnated with Gibberelic Acid and it goes into the water fast. I always place the seed in Allens original papers in the GA3 solution (Don`t forget to label the papers with the seed before soaking!). The 10 ml should be enough for 5 seed packets. You can leave the seed for 24 hours in the solution. Then you just have to dry the paper and sow the seed.

I have used this method with Byblis some weeks ago, they have germinated in masses 3-4 days after I had sown them.



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Well, might as well feed back. Nothing germinated as yet a few weeks later.

No Byblis rorida, B. lamellata, B. gigantea, Roridula gorgonias or R. dentata. Not even Drosophyllum (which is usually like mustard and cress for me). Seed from various sources. I didn't expect to see germination from some of the tropical utrics (U. lasiocaulis, U. arnhemica, U. leptoplectra), but it's annoying to have an aparrent toal failure. The moss is just starting show promise in some of the pots though. Think I will go back to my sarras and runner beans.


I guess if I am really patient then the Roridula and Drosophyllum might come up in their pots if left a few more years in the greenhouse. How long do I leave the Byblis before I chuck them away?

Alternatively, does anyone know an effective way to treat already-sown pots of seeds with GA3 (I have mixed up some fresh today for treatment of other seeds, and may as well use it if possible.......).


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