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hi, my saracenia has just started to flower and i was wondering if i should let it grow because last year i did and it only produced 2 full sized traps and 1 smaller trap.....

also do you think it would make more if i didnt let it flower?

thanks :)

(last years flower is my avatar)

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i,ve tried this before,sometimes it works and you do get much bigger pitchers.however some will flower again,only smaller because of the wasted energy put into the previous flower.i think its best to let nature take its course-you can always cut the flower off when the petals fall,to save energy for the pitchers instead of seeds

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Like Adrian, I leave plants to flower. I look forward to it each spring and it's half the fun of growing them! Well grown Sarracenia are big, strong plants and can easily cope with flowering. I don't think it is worth losing flowers for maybe an extra pitcher or maybe an extra inch or two of growth.

Number and size of pitchers is not just down to whether a plant flowers or not. Irrespective of flowers, "Brooks Hybrid" for example only ever grows two pitchers per growth point per year.

A second flowering late in the growing season is not uncommon.

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