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"Vanishing Prey" early opening.


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Hello. Well, here's my concern.

I fed a grubworm to a VFT as you are all aware, a soft, yet slightly fat nice insect. I had gotten the plant 2 or so weeks earlier and it showed signs of vitality again. So, the VFT accepted my dead donation (do not think that it just spit it out due to me just setting it there, I had something... I think it was like a sticky note, the corner and wiggled the worm around inside, but I know I stimulated the hairs fairly well, because I moved the thing around in there for a minute or so and left it and it continued) . It seemed dead, I had tried to herd it into the flytrap but it fell and then I had to pick it up set it down and eventually after I knocked it down the dresser again (LOL) it contracted inside itself a little and I put it in. I could see the trapped bugger for a few hours worrying me but the trap shut down very hard, the right corner was open slightly but by a few hours later sometime at night that was locked down too.

The Grubworm has no exoskeloton in a way, and I think they'd make perfect food. It has very thin skin.

I fed the grubworm to the VFT last... Thursday evening.

So that's Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Tuesday of digestion. It opened up mid of Tuesday, and was cracking open the previous night and morn.

How can it only take 3-4 days to digest it? Was it because it's skin was almost nothing and easy to digest? And because it had thin skin, there is no exoskeloton and was completely digested? Flesh and skin?

I think it might have been completely digested, flesh and skin, but why only 3-4 days, I thought it took up to a week? I fed another VFT 3 maggots about 11 days ago, and it shows no signs of opening up or death.

When the trap opened, I lifted it up gently and saw nothing, a little dirt was inside, probably from the bug, but thats it. The trap's mouth seems to be wider open than it was before... actually it is, about 1.75 times wider open.

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Guest wallsg7

Three days does seem to be a little quick to be re-opening unless the meal was very small.Also there is normaly some remains left over.

Are you sure the grub was dead?I have fed several grubs and slugs that escape the trap after it has closed tightly.Pea bugs are also good escape artists.They force the leaves apart using their bodies and escape.

The venus flytrap then realises the trap is empty as its fluids are not coming back with any nutrients and so it opens again.

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I loitered around the soil... all I saw was a half eaten Grub near a different plant I had cut a grub in half and fed to, the grub wouldnt've made a great escape, I noticed it cracked open the next morning when it had a bag over it, and I took the bag off and looked but nothing was there. Maybe it escaped but I doubt it.

It was more like 5 days actually because the night I fed the grub to it it probably started a few hours later...

I don't think it escaped and maybe it didn't eat it... or maybe it did.

I guess we'll never know. It's not like I can tell if the grub was eaten or not...

Evidance of it eaten:

The plant looks slightly more vigorous

The trap is wider open than before

The grub was probably dead, or in shock. (Next time I'll kill the little...)

Evidance of it not eaten

Trap re-opened quickly

No remanants

I could find no bug however... maybe the half bug was the grub and as it was half digested got out and crawled to it's death... but... I don't think so, it wouldn't have enough strength Id've thought.

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I had a couple of instances where I had a same thing happen. There was this big soft earwig -like ant ..black and all....I fed it to my red dragon...I was sure it was completely sealed. A week later or so I checked the trap..it was open and there was not a speck inside...compare this to all my other feeding sessions where every single wax worm or cricket always leaves behind its exoskeleton.

I guess it just depends on the insect. As long as you are not seeing the same thing with other things...I don't think you have to worry about it.

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