atlanta botanical garden PICS

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Wow, gosh :banging: ! That Nepenthes truncata leaf is huuuge!!!

Those plants look very healthy. Strange, though, how the leaves are big when compared to the pitcher's size (truncata and ampullaria).

The last plant must be Nepenthes x trusmadiensis (lowii x macrophylla).



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Wow! I really like the look of the plants grown naturalistically like that, shows them off nicely! They seem to get good results from it too.

Does anyone have experience of growing neps in beds? I have a few beds in the greenhouse but I haven't tried any CPs in them. I suppose you would have to dig out a large area and line it with pond liner/weed fabric then fill it with a peaty spagnum mix. This is something I'd quite like to try at some point, anyone got any ideas on how they do it successfully?

Thanks for the excellent pics!

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The last plant in the first series of pics is lowii x ventricosa. So says the ABG people I have spoken with :)


You should have told me you wer going to be in town. Could have met up with you there and talked plants some.

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I agree than yours N. ephippiata is not correct .. and correct is maybe N. x trusmadiensis... or lowii x ventricosa..

Please trust me when I say that this plant is lowii x ventricosa. I am at ABG at least once a month (more usually 2-3 times a month) and I know and talk with a lot of the people there.

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