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how to keep moist in?

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I have made a new terrarium and it is from wood. I have put alu foile all around and there is pleny of waterlogged plants inside. however humidity is around 50 during the day and 80 in the night when the lights are out. What can I do to contain more moist over the day... my N.maxima is ok but pichers live around one month and I think that is because of the low humidity. How will these conditions affect my Nepenthes?

thank you very much!

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You don't want your N. maxima to be waterlogged. You don' t want any nep to be sitting in water. This could be one problem. Nep roots need to be moist, but not constantly wet and waterlogged. This will easily lead to root rot, thus killing your plant.

Do you have a lid or some way to cover part of the terrarium? Don't cover it completely because the air will get old and CPs need fresh air. One way to combat this is to get a small CPU fan and have that running.

Do you have other plants in it? If so, how are they doing?



edit: You may also want to put bowls of water in your tank so that as the water evaporates it will raise the humidity. Of course, you will need room in your tank, which you might not have.

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My nep is not waterloged! Some Utrics and Drosera are.. I closed the terrarium from every side but air is not old and the humidity is stil low. Vft seedling and Byblis is inside too and they are looking great.

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