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'Chunky' or Coarse peat supplier


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Does anyone know any suppliers of coarse peat? I got a small bit from a friend to pot some orchids and bromeliads and now I can't get enough of it! I've potted two Cattleyas in sifted coarse peat (using the chunky part) and three others in pure Sphagnum, the ones in peat are now showing signs of flowering whereas the sphagnum plants are only just showing shoots. I'm planning to make some bromeliad beds from it so now I need a lot!

I've seen that Hampshire carnivorous plants sell small bags of 'german peat' but its very expensive for the size you get.

Does anyone else use this compost or have any idea of suppliers??


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Scotts produce a Coarse grade of Sphagnum peat as part of their professional range - which is sold to the horticultural trade.

You could try contacting them or their nearest dealer to you;

Dealer Avoncrop Limited

Street Eastern Road

Postal code RG12 2UP

Place Bracknell, Berkshire

Tel. +44 (0)1344 426300

Fax +44 (0)1344 428628

E-mail [email protected]

If you find a supplier, I imagine you will have to buy at least a large bale.


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i may be able to help you out i breed tropical fish and (cutting it very short) i source very coarse peat for the fibre for the fish to spawn in when i riddle it i am left with very hard lumps of peat about the size of your finger nail that might be suitable for you i was thinking of trying it myself for neps when i get some later this year,if you email me with your address ill gladly send a sample for you to see ,the only problem is the postage as its normaly quite expensive

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