Drosera hirtella (var hirtella vs. var lutescens)

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can someome tell me what the difference between D. hirtella var hirtella and D. hirtella var lutescens is? I could not really find something in the literature available to me.

I would also like to her about your experiences with these plants in cultivation.


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Hello Christian,

Here are a few of the differences:

-- hirtella inflorescences are green to orange with crisp red hairs on basal 2/3 and glandular ones near the top; lutescens has yellowish inflorescences with long crisp white hairs on basal 1/2 and glandular on upper 1/2

-- hirtella leaves are usually spatulate-cuneate; lutescens spatulate

-- hirtella scapes are sharply ascending at the base; lutescens are erect or only slightly ascending

-- hirtella rosettes are normally reddish in the wild; lutescens purplish

-- hirtella occurs in central & N Minas Gerais, central Bahia, N Goiás, & SE Tocantins; lutescens occurs at the NW tip of Sao Paulo, SW tip of Minas Gerais, central & S Goiás, NE tip of Mato Grosso do Sul, S Mato Grosso, & possibly Rondonia and even neighboring Paraguay & Bolivia. (Both taxa only seem to co-occur at the Serra dos Pirineus in Goiás...)

These are some of the major differences.

As for cultivation, I never had much luck! Both taxa go dormant as roots in the winter dry season, but maybe they can be kept moist all year long??

Best Wishes,

Fernando Rivadavia

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Excuse me for sounding ignorant but which would mine fall into having the label (Moeda, Brazil) from SundewMatt ?

They have been kept on the dry and cool side this winter and have visibly slowed down but still haven't gone completely dormant. They do seem to be a bit more yellowish than most of my other Drosera sp. (see poor photo in my avatar)

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Under my greenhouse growing conditions, both D. hirtella var. hirtella and var. lutescens go dormant from time to time, mainly after flowering (as it sometimes happens with D. montana and D. tomentosa, too). I did not change humidity and keept them in tray system, and the started regrowing from roots soon. Under terrarium conditions, I never observed dormancy in those sundews.


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