Dionaea muscipula "Red Giant"?

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I have heard rumors, and most shockingly the only information that i've had on a VFT being cultivated under the name of "Red Giant" has been from the UK. That's not the shocking part though. :D Apparently this "clone" was originally bred or "created" in the USA. Never heard anything at all in the US though.

Recently i've aquired some cuttings of this clone. Now i'm curious, does anyone have any background information on this specimen or is it all just rumor and heresay at this point?

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Vertigo,I`ve tried pming you but aparently it didn`t get to you. Anyhow I`ve been informe that th d.tokaiensis are too small for me to ship! I could still send you the 4 "summer yellowwinter red" leaf cuttings,and a tdb waterlilly for you`r fish tank will taht be ok?

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I'm just presuming by Red Giant you're speaking of the "Akai Ryu" VFT. But, is the Red Giant supposedly a different plant? Bigger than 2cm traps?

That's what i'm attempting to find out. 'Akai Ryu' wouldn't be classified as giant. Apparently it was the result of a cross between a red form and a giant form that led to a larger growing red vft.

Pond Boy, I PM'd you.

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The only reference I can find to a giant red clone of VFT is 'typ. all red giant' which is featured in the photo gallery of the german nursery, Plantarara's web site http://www.plantarara.com/carnivoren_galer...aea/dionaea.htm.

They don't give any details about the plant though, or have it listed for sale.


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