Pollen request.

Neil Cornish

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Well my N.spathulata flowering spike has finally opened and I'm pleased to say it's female. I've seen a few forum members offering pollen recently so if any is still available or anyone else has any surplus please contact me. I'll happily pay for postage and/or send back a large proportion of any resulting seed. I've also noticed in the last couple of days that another flowering spike is also appearing on the same plant so I might try two different hybrids.

Regards Neil

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Hi Neil

I too have a flower on its' way on a nice form of N. spectabilis. This is male and should be ready when your second flower opens. Let me know if you are interested.



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Hi Neil,

I've a N. Ven x Max and N. Spat x Max both coming into flower at the moment.

You may want to keep your hybrid to simple crosses, but if not, these should be available shortly if the timing works.

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You can have more than one cross on the same flower stalk. We usually have 3 sometimes more depending on the size of the flower. Just tie a some cotton on the stalk between the flowers where one cross ends and the other starts.

The first photo if you look carefully you can just make out the black twine.

In the second one we use a plant tag and as a cross is done we add it to the tag.



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