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Two more plants a little lower down the road - the first also looks like N. maxima.




The second plant had been macheted to clear the trail - only one pitcher remained but it was v colourful. Am I right in thinking that this is a lower pitcher of the species appearing in Post Three?




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Dear Johnathan,

I can see the end of lid projection normally seen on Nepenthes maxima is displayed on the "marbled" pitcher plant. Also, I can see that the leaves are strongly petiolate. All the photos posted in this thread appear to show N. maxima. N. fusca is from Borneo Island, and is basically defined as not being from Sulawesi Island (along with a couple of other physical characteristics).


Dave Evans

Hi Kera

There were spurs on the underside of the lid in the green forms, but not on the marbled pitcher above. Presumably also a hybrid?

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