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Sulawesi Neps Part One!

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Just back from 3 weeks thrashing around Sulawesi and Halmahera in the Northern Moluccas. Most of my time was spent tweaking out some of the many endemic birds (amongst which were 20 species of pigeon, 13 of kingfisher and 15 parrots) along with some great mammals.

I DID bump into a few Neps :lol: in the mid altitudes of Lore Linda National park in central Sulawesi. All were at between 1500 and 1900m, growing along an old logging road through midmontane forest.

I'll post the pics in a couple of posts, so that file sizes don't get too large. Views on ID would be appreciated.

This first plant I am assuming is N. maxima It was growing up a small tree on the edge of the road cut.



The pitchers had a distinct hook on the underside of the lid/neck junction - am I right in thinking this is a marker for maxima?




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