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Bog trip / Nursery Visit - Pictures

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Gale and I started out our Saturday morning at Cranesville Swamp. This area was totally different then what I was used to seeing. The only other area that I have seen to compare it to is the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

There was almost no water visible, but the ground was saturated. Your feet sunk into the ground.

CP’s that we saw were Drosera intermedia, Drosera rotundifolia, and Sarracenia purpurea.

The swamp:








The Sarracenia purpurea grew much better here then in the Pine Barrens. The Pine Barrens had small plants that where not very big and I never saw any large clumps of plants.

At the Cranesville Swamp the Sarracenia purpurea where in huge clumps of plants. The one clump had to be over 3’ across.

The Cransville Swamp is not all that large and after a few hours we where done looking around. I saw on the internet that a state park nearby, Swallow Falls, which had some nice waterfalls in it.

So we headed over there to check them out. I noticed that there were a few caches in the park and I thought that I might as well look for them while I was here. Gale never cached before and I gave him the coordinates to put into his GPS. He’s hooked. LOL

Here is 1 of the waterfalls:



Then Sunday we both torn down our campsites and you guessed it, hit 2 more caches in the park we were camping in. Then it was off to Carnivorous Plant Nursery run by Michael Szesze. I visited him 2 years ago and he had a great setup. He has done some expanding, and has a lot more plants then before.

Here is the greenhouse:





Some an outdoor growing area:



The new areas:

This is a small portion of the VFT growing area:


2 new Sarracenia growing areas:



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Guest Aidan

The Cranesville site looks very much like areas of the New Forest here in the South of the UK. Same plants too... excepting the huge S. purpurea!

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Thanks for sharing Elgecko, great pictures! :)

Cranesville Swamp in West Virginia was on the itinerary for the local field trip for the ICPS Conference this year, but we didn't get there because of the lack of time! We did get to Big Run Bog, W.V. which is a larger site and not far away.

All of the S. purpurea in this region were transplanted from Glade Run Bog in Philadelphia 60 years ago, when it was flooded in 1946, it's now called High Point Lake. Glade Run Bog was the only remaining site for S. purpurea and all the other populations in the area are from these transplants.

Michael's collection / nursery is great too, it's amazing how tidy he keeps it all, so that despite the large number of plants they haven't completely taken over his home! He's a great bloke too, as well as running 'The Carnivorous Plant Nursery' from home, he has spent years working with CPs and children's activities; my kids have really enjoyed his 'An Activity Book for Carnivorous Plants' that I bought from him in Frostburg.



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