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New postcard posted - N°20 - ...

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Can you believe that a new postcard have just been published this week-end and is numbered 20 ! ! !

I new Fernando while I was translating one of his numerous field trip in the Brasilian cp world for Dionee, the french carnivorous plants society. Was it in 97 ?

I couldn't imagine that many years after, he could also give birth to so many postcards on the Mexican species and that the name of Fernando will be associate for years close to Postcard and Mexican Pinguicula.

Do you know many people are reading the adventures of Ruben, Fernando and Ed in A wolrd of Pinguicula ?

About 3500 monthly !

The new postcard can be read here :

Postcard N°20.

Impressive population of P. heterophylla :


And nice flowers variations for P. parvifolia :


Since Fernando is in Africa, it could be the last postcard until ..... :?: :cry:

But Ruben is still hunting .... :twisted:

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Thanks for sharing your incredible experiences with the rest of us over the last couple of years, I hope you can get back to Mexico soon. I'll miss my regular read and all the fantastic photos.


Thanks for making 'A World of Pinguicula' possible, without it, 3500 would be deprived of the opportunity to read Fernando's Postcards and so much more about the most beautiful of all CPs! :)



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I also take a regular look at 'A WORLD OR PINGUICULA' looking for any news.

It is so nice to see als those plants growing in the wild and the information is very helpful for better understanding the genus and improve our growing techniques.

Without Fernando's great work so many nices species would miss in our collections and hopefully he will find the time for many other fantastic species waiting to be rediscovered...

Africa also accommodates some interesting CP's but nothing compared with pings :twisted:

All the best and Eric go on with your great website...



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Thanks for the link to the article. I do read up on these too as they are fascinating to read. Not too many detailed accounts of finding these Pings in the wild!

We had the pleasure of Forbes presenting pics from his trip at the last LACPS meeting.

Way cool!


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Hi guys!

Wow, thanks! :):) What can I say other than that it is my greatest pleasure in life to see CPs in the wild -- especially when they're rare! ;)

Thanks especially to Eric for his fantastic website, which I'm also constantly checking out for news and info. Wish there were other sites like his...

Best Wishes,


P.S. Does everyone know I was in Africa?!?! :) And YES, there were numerous cool CPs in S.Africa & Zambia, many of which unknown from photographs on the web, and even new species... More later, as soon as Andreas Fleischmann & I get all the info & pics sorted out! :)

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Dear Friends,

I must tell you why A WORLD OF PINGUICULA was lesser and lesser updated most of all since these last months than before.

The reason is that my Dad (aged only 62) had a lung cancer (not smoking since 26 years) since march 2006 and died on october 16th after weeks of suffering from this disease.

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