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What Camera do you use for taking CP photos?

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Pentax K-7 DSLR for a nearly two months - now i wait to have enough money for buying tripod during a spring time... hope i buy some macro lens in summer to get even better photos (mostly because of utricularia flowers).

EDIT: Before DSLR it was Nokia N95 :biggrin: ...

As an example of photos taken by my Pentax K-7 with Pentax-DA 18-55mm AL WR basic lens I pinned here photo I presented yesterday. I do not use any othet accesories (flash, tripod,...) because I don't have them yet (not enough money) :smile:


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Apart from my Canon Powershot 650 IS, I also use my Samsung Galaxy sII. :sun_bespectacled: (smartphone)

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Nikon D7000 with 'all purpose' AF-S DX 18-200mm f3.5-5.6G VR II lens. excellens.jpg

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That's my wish. I can't afford it and saving up will take me ages since I'm only 13. :tongue:

I use Canon EOS 550D

That's a great camera, especially at age 13!

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I've got a Nikon D3000.

Even though it's hardly a pro camera, it's the most expensive (and by far the best) i've ever owned.


I'm happy with the results i get doing outdoor and scenic photography, although i haven't really bothered with CP photography until i get an extension tube.

A macro lens is out of the question for my budget, so could anyone please tell me if these would do the job for close-up plant phtography.....


If not, what would be better ?

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@dreamfalcon - sorry for the late reply, but wow those shots are incredible!!


I either use my Nikon D5100 or the camera on my Sony Xperia SP to take photos. 


The Nikon has the highest resolution for the more crisper images, and of course the depth of field can be change to achieve those more professional looking shots (people compliment me on my photos, and while I appreciate their kind words, I still think that having a DSLR makes good photography a lot easier).


I use the Xperia when I don't have my Nikon on me, as well as when I want to take more vivid photos. 


The Nikon allows for shots like this:




But I tend to find that the Xperia can sometimes catch light better, such as this photo of the afternoon sunset, comparing both cameras:



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Canon 6D and 24-70mm f4 L IS USM with macro function.
Its a really great combo for in situ pictures, as i can geotag thanks to Canon 6Ds GPS, and the 24-70mm lens lets me get some overview shots at 24mm and some closeups with the macrofunction at 70mm. It is quite challenging though, as its near impossible not to block the light at such a close focusing distance.
Looking forward to posting some great shots!

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Some of the tools I use for macro photography for my plants.

  • Smart phone Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Note 3.
  • Nikon D90
  • nikkor 85mm F3.5 lens
  • Nikkor 50mm f1.8 lens
  • Extenion hollow tubed
  • Raynox 3 snap-on magnification 6X, 12X and 24X lens
  • External flash SB900 w DIY diffuser
  • lense to reverse lense ring adapter
  • Intervalometer
  • External power source for Camera body
Camera body : Nikon D90



External flash(preferred to have 1 any range but not too outdated for better control)



Macro lenses : Nikkor 85mm f.35



"Macro setup with no standard Macro lenses": Hollow tubes



Camera with 1 hollow tube and 50mm lenses to achieve closed up photography/Macro and a DIY flash diffuser



My Camera with a friend's tokina Macro lenses and external flash unit and my DIY Diffuser 



Camera with a friend's Tokina macro lenses and DIY diffuser using only built in flash



Camera with madly modified attempt but the purpose of this photo is show an example on the last lenses that is camera to hollow tube to macro lens to reversed mounted lens. With built in flash and external flash



Camera on a sturdy Tripod using built in flash with diy diffuser and a intervelo meter 



A discontinued set of magnified add on lenses to increase macro ratio, was lucky to bought a used set from a French on-line shop after someone from google+ notified me.




And one of those best Macro photo I could achieved with some of the equipments combined together was this 2 cm Jumping spider's eyes. You could see my camera and the spider's legs in it's eyes. and some other subjects







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