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What Camera do you use for taking CP photos?

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Pentax Optio SVi. In addition to the S5 models it has both time and aperture priority, as well as some other manual functions.


I now rarely use my analog SLR (Pentax MZ5n -that of course makes better photos) since taking pics became so easy with a digicam.

Just out of interest, what flower is that?

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Compact, Canon A620, with eye piece lens thing (and blue-tac) for closeups :D

A620 with extra lens


DSLR, Canon 350D with;

Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro (love this lense)

Canon 50mm f2.5 macro

Canon 35-80mm f4-5.6

Canon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6

Nikkor 135 f3.5

Super Takumar (M42) 200mm f4

Pentacon (M42) f1.8 50mm (used for closeup)

extention tubes,

adaptor rings etc...

350D with 100mm macro


Now all I need is a flash.... :D



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I was using a fuji fine pix A204 2megapix

Now i have improved on that and just bought a Nikon D50

Here are a few pics taken with my new toy with it's 18-55mm kit lens i have reduced the file size considerably




This was taken a few weeks back with the fuji so i am pleased with new toy :D


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What would be a good cheap($100 or less) camera with some macro? Because we are going to get a new c family camer our 3 year old 3 mega pixel olympus is going to croak soon....

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I use a Nikon D80 with a 105mm Macro lens with VR and an SB-600 flash gun. When all together its around 1.6kg's of camera equipment to hold when trying to take photos of little tiny things.


If I find a 100% crop, ill show you. Above shot is not, its a small image of the full sized one. If you wish to see the full sized image, click here.. Drosera Image. Then click on the 'All sizes' button and click on the orginal link. It will then load up the orginal image which is around 4 meg or so. Not the best shot to show, but it will do. :)

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To use your macro facility well, make sure you have a tripod or stable service in which to put the camera on.

A decent amount of lighting and using the 2second timer to reduce shake would also be recommended :)


Thanks for the advice Joel, it's got an optical image stabiliser, will see if a tripod is still necessary. :)

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Sadly that means nothing in the macro world lol, though will improve any 'normal' shots you will be taking.

I'm a total noobie, as you have noticed. Can you imagine, this is my very first camera, ever!

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Thanks Fred for offering. :)

Ch, I'll post, first I have to learn how to use the thing. :)

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