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What Camera do you use for taking CP photos?

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Canon eos 300d + Sigma makro 1:1 50mm


You really need to edit that picture to make it look like the fly's head has been spiked :lol:

Very nice BTW!

Anyway if I get my way I will soon have a S/H coolpix 8700, so I will hopefully be editing this post with some nice Macro shots at last :D

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Panasonic DMC FZ30 (8 Megapixel)

Sample picture comming up! (there so freaking big in size, even in my lowest resolution :cry: ..some are even 7MB :shocked:

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Hi Roy, welcome to the forum.

For photo posting see http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=31

and http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7285

I use a Pentax Optio S5i but I wouldn't recommend it for wildlife shots. It has no aperture priority which I really miss and makes depth of field tricky. Unlimited movie length is nice, though. I only intended it to be a quick snappy camera I could fit in my pocket when I bought it; 5MP and a nice small all rounder.




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i recently bought a Canon Powershot A620. I am quite happy with this camera. Here are some examples i have taken:




The last picture is crop, the first two are only resized and slightly edited with Photoshop.


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I use a Olympus C-4000 already for 3 years. All my pictures posted here were made with this camera.

Unfortunately, I can no longer access internet storage site like imageshack from work, so I will have to post an example picture later.



Edit: here is a couple of examples:



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I've been using my Ricoh Caplio RR30 for nearly four years now; it's no longer produced and was an earlier model of gardenofeden's Ricoh Caplio G3.

At the time of purchase, nothing else on the market offered good macro (min. focal distance 1cm) at a price I could afford. This camera is incredibly simple to use, just set macro mode and point and shoot.


You'll find numerous examples of my photographic efforts on CPUK and Robert Ziemer's CP Photofinder http://www.humboldt.edu/~rrz7001.

They'll never match the quality of the top-end digicams and digital SLR's (I want one!) but it does the job.


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I use a Nikon coolpix 5200. It has a fantastic macro function for a compact camera, but it does struggle to get the colours correct when the photos are taken indoors.

Anyway, a couple of photos I just quickly took - not cropped, just resized.




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Pentax Optio SVi. In addition to the S5 models it has both time and aperture priority, as well as some other manual functions.


I now rarely use my analog SLR (Pentax MZ5n -that of course makes better photos) since taking pics became so easy with a digicam.

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