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"Self-pollinating" VFT flowers

Julio Alberto

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I have observed that the 50-70% of the VFT´s flowers I pollinated (selfed) "abort" after 1 or 2 weeks. The ovary increases in size but, before the seeds are ready, it rots or dies.

I know it is better to crosspollinate the VFT´s flowers, but I have never had 2 VFT flowering at the same time.

Has anybody had the same problem?

The plants are from GC.

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I always let the first flower open then sometime later a second one opens. At somepoint I have two flowers open at the same time and within a few days of each other. This makes the pollen ripe for the other flower who has just splayed open and is ready to accept the pollen.

It just takes patience.....

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oops sorry I forgot to answer your question...NO I have never had one abort. Even if it did I would still leave it on there and see what it does. The flower does die at one point and it contiinues to ripen the seeds within. So leave it alone and leave it on and see what happens in two weeks.

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