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Pinguicula alpina... in France ;-)

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Hi everybody, long time without posting here.

I did not want to squat the post from Jure so I created this new one.

This sunday I was doing one of the hikings (in the massif of Chartreuse, France) I always do to get in shape before the start of the hiking season. I have to say that I know very well this place. Well, obviously, the more you know a place the easiest is to get lost :lol:. I took the wrong path and just by pure chance I found these P. alpina growing in the cliffs in almost pure rock. What puzzles me the most is that the rock was not as wet (almost dry, I would say) compared to other places where I have found pings in the alps.

So here we have a bunch of then well hided in their small hole. Protected by an army of one of my favourite alpins weeds: Alchemilla alpina. Note: you can click the photos for a larger version.



a beautiful flower



this one is growing in negative slope!


This is the first time I see CP in this place, so I was happily surprised by this discovery :wink:.



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Nice pics :) I really like the flower on this ping, much better than the normal purple! ;)

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